Acupuncture has been established internationally as a comprehensive healing system. It has no side effects and is completely harmless when applied by properly trained doctors who strictly follow the rules of its application.

In Acupuncture, very fine needles are placed in special parts of the body, known as “acupuncture points” in order to:

  • treat various diseases.
  • relieve from excruciating symptoms.
  • stimulate and revitalize the body in general.
  • stop acute or chronic pain.
  • fight obesity, smoking…
  • limit the therapeutic impasse that we often encounter in chronic degenerative diseases.


In the last twenty years, more than 5,000 medical studies related to Acupuncture have been written in Western journals, while hundreds of books have been published.

Today, the scientific view of acupuncture allows medical practitioners to apply acupuncture based on modern techniques.